Sweet Kisses

Does your Fur Baby just come up and give you sweet kisses? If so, he/she loves you human!

Photo by Samson Katt on Pexels.com

Dogs show love in different ways. It could simply be a nudge to get pat, or even hands you the paw. Yes, this means I Love You from your Fur Baby!

The best moments are after a long day, coming home to our Dogs’ is the best! Every Dog owner knows this! Those sweet kisses keep on coming! It’s truly the best feeling in the World.

As a very proud Dog Mom, I am so spoiled with the Love and Affection from my little guy. He’s always showering me with his sweet kisses!

Enjoy them!

Human Food for Dogs

I Love Human Food!

Did you know Dog’s can have real Human Food? I knew of somethings that were good, but I didn’t realize all the stuff they can actually have! Healthy options for them too!

One thing us Dog Moms know for sure, is our fur babies can have Peanut Butter. Most Dogs love licking Peanut Butter from a spoon. How adorable. They also really enjoy treats made with Peanut Butter. I want to make my boy some homemade treats, he definitely deserves it!

Lets start with Fruits. I can’t say that every Dog will like everything I list, but its worth trying.

Apples, Bananas, Blueberries, Cantaloupe, Kiwi, Mango, Peaches, Pears, and Pineapples. What a wonderful variety! Your Fur Baby will love one if not more of these. This can be given by itself or with food.

How about Vegetables! Lets see the list! I know as a Dog Mom how important it is to have a variety of foods. Some can be such picky eaters.

Carrots, Green Beans, Potatoes (cooked with skins removed), and Sweet Potatoes. Smaller list than that of the Fruits, but still healthy and enjoyable. Again, these Vegetables can be given alone of mixed with food.

Your precious Fur Babies can also enjoy a little Cheese in moderation. They can also have Chicken, Eggs, Honey, Oatmeal, Pumpkin, Rice, and Yogurt.

A few of these selected foods can also help play a part in your Dog’s skin. Such as, Eggs, Sweet Potatoes, and Yogurt.

I hope you enjoyed this simple read today. I also hope it helps you and your Fur Baby with meal planning.

Emotional Support Dogs

Do you have Anxiety and Depression? Then an Emotional Support Dog is for you.

Dogs are the most lovable companion, especially for someone in need of Love.

One thing I’ve learned, is Dogs’ Love to Love! Thats what they long for.

An Emotional Support Dog is always there for you. For all your Ups and Downs.

They simply just want to comfort you.

The Back Story

HOW did I get so lucky? I am so blessed. I thank God for Scrappy daily. He truly is my Emotional Support Dog.

Scrappy is a rescue animal. He came all the way from Virginia, to Sterling Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. It was there, that Scrappy got a second chance at life. The shelter named him Freddy, as his birthday is on Halloween! And yes, the happy Dog Mom that I am, dresses him up too! And he loves it.

He was finally adopted at 6 months old and was given the name Scrappy, where he lived with a Great Dane whose name was Scooby. The duo made a great pair.

At 8 years old Scrappy was given away to someone who didn’t have time for him. And the poor thing was moved around, disrupting his life. As Scrappy was going through all this, I was at a point in my life where I craved the love of a Dog. I wanted to have my own little companion. As the days went on, I would find myself day dreaming of having a Dog. Then, one random day, I got a call about Scrappy.

I’ll never forget that day. One hot summer afternoon, Scrappy showed up at my house while I was waiting outside. All I could see was this happy smiling dog, with his head out the window. He looked right at me. I continued sitting there just waiting to see how it all played out. Scrappy was let out of the car and immediately came to me. Without any hesitation and that beautiful smile still on his face, he sat right at my feet. That’s when he put his head back and we made eye contact for the first time. It was love at first sight. It’s then that I knew, it was meant to be. My sweet little angel had finally arrived.

Even though Scrappy was content with me, it was tough getting him fully adjusted. I noticed a lot of anxiety in him and certain behaviors started to stand out. Between the constant licking and biting at my blankets, getting into trash and trying to escape, it hit me that this poor animal was in desperate need of something. Something I wasn’t yet sure of that he even needed. But, because of our incredible bond, I gained these instant Dog Mom instincts. I knew exactly what my Boy needed. I changed his diet around and provided him with new dog bowls. I made him his own bed and got him a new harness and leash. We started taking daily walks together and playing outside. And that’s all my sweet love needed, was a happy, loving change. He has truly become such a loving and caring Dog.

Scrappy Doo

This amazing dog is truly one of a kind. So smart and young at heart. He will be turning 12 in October. My little old man 💙. Honestly, he’s such a human lover! Don’t get me wrong, he enjoys his dog friends, but absolutely loves his humans. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make me smile. He’s such a pack dog too. Whatever we do he does, sometimes whatever we eat, he eats. He’s a definite fur baby!

Thanks for reading! More to come.